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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

a combination of hydrocarbon gases used for heating, cooking and for vehicles on both the levels of residential and commercial

ASLI Gas a product of Islamabad Gas.

LPG produces less pollutants than diesel, oil, wood and coal.

Eco-friendly and pure gas

It is an odorless, non-toxic, clean burning, and an environmentally friendly fuel with almost zero level of pollutants.

The greatest advantage of LPG is that it can be easily transported.

LPG is clean and burns very Effectively

with very low carbon emissions and does not create black smoke. It does  not leave messy soot so your cooking utensils can be cleaned easily

LPG is the acronym for Liquid Petroleum Gas

It is an environment friendly and versatile fuel for multiple applications including cooking, heating and vehicular use.

Islamabad Gas is Striving hard to make Clean, Green And Energy Efficient Pakistan, Providing affordable enery in form of Asli Gas.

new-distributorStarting with a base of 10 distributors from its hometown of Kahuta, Pakistan, the Company’s network is growing and trying to expand its services to customers all over the country.

With its dedicated formation of LPG Distributors, road transport, a growing cylinder infrastructure, commitment to quality product and focus on safety, Asli Gas is the preferred LPG supplier for individuals and businesses alike.

Storage and Bottling Plants

Standard Operating Procedures are followed strictly for safe storage and bottling. Asli Gas cylinders are being provided with increased affordability and access. We believe in the sustainability of our ecosystem. Therefore, we provide high-quality Asli gas without any impurity to avoid the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere..

Our Management

An efficient team of Islamabad Gas is working hard to make its product i.e. Asli Gas successful in the target area.  Management of Islamabad Gas (Pvt) Ltd. consists of professionals who have a vast and rich experience in the LPG industry

Waqar Ahmed, CEO Islamabad Gas, (Pvt) Ltd., graduated from Hertfordshire’s University in London with a M.Sc. degree. He has worked closely with other LPG marketing companies and has been actively involved in the business since 2006. He has also attended several seminars and been a part of international forums about the growing need of LPG Industry worldwide. Vowing to promote efficient energy, along with his team, he is working tirelessly to make Islamabad Gas (Pvt) Ltd., a leading LPG distributor of potohar plateau under the brand name of Asli Gas.



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We have been working with ASLI GAS LPG for over 3 years now and have the company to be extremely accommodating in meeting our unscheduled product requirments. Their commitment to customer services goes wat beyond just product delivery through follow-up calls to ensure burners are operating effectively with a smooth flow of LPG. We can always count on ASLI GAS LPG for its superior product quality and for providing our burners with high efficiency fuel.

Dynamic Pakistan.

When we wanted to convert some of our stores to LPG, we were not sure if there was a company out there what could meet all our safety, quality, and price parameters for a sustained long-term commitment. We have collaborated with ASLI GAS LPG since the last two years and have found them very much committed to servicing our needs and the company has met all expectations of McDonald’s Pakistan.

McDonald's Pakistan.

We are very fortunate to have a supplier that maintains a transparent communication channel and enlighten us market developments in a timely fashion. We can always count on the partnership with ASLI GAS LPG to achieve success in our business.

Mr. Barber (Distributor)