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Composite LPG Cylinder

Safety is of paramount importance when dealing with LPG.

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About Us

Islamabad Gas Company is a large-scale private gas distributor under the product name Asli Gas.

We claim to standby the slogan of

                                                                              a Clean and Green Pakistan.

Asli cylinder is a replacement for other pollution sources. They are customized to reduce deforestation and to save our ecosystem. Our robust technology and knowledge-based approach allow us to maintain the high quality and safety of our LPG cylinders.

The Company is managed by an autonomous Board of Directors comprising of 11 members. The Managing Director/ Chief Executive is passionate to conduct and expand the business of the company in such a way that it proves to be an eco-friendly business.

Asli Gas has been providing clean and affordable energy since 2020. We initiated with a base of 10 distributors from its hometown of Kahuta, Pakistan. Our network has grown to service the needs of customers all over the Pothohar plateau of Pakistan.

In December 2020 the company established and successfully commissioned a gas station in the village of Khalol and the town of Kahuta. Soon after establishment, Asli Gas also commenced supplies of bulk deliveries to industrial and commercial customers.

In addition to having firm LPG supply commitments from Local LPG Producers. Asli Gas regularly imports the product to meet the demand of its customers.

With its dedicated fleet of LPG road transport, a growing cylinder infrastructure, commitment to quality product and focus on safety. Asli Gas Is the preferred vendor for Individuals and businesses alike.

Storage and Bottling Plants

Standard Operating Procedures are followed strictly for safe storage and bottling.  Asli Gas cylinders are being provided with increased affordability and access. We believe in the sustainability of our ecosystem. Therefore, we provide high-quality Asli gas without any impurity to avoid the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 

AutoGas Station

The first-ever environment-friendly autogas station with high-quality services will be available in Kahuta because of Islamabad Gas Company. We believe in work hard, in-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.  We collaborate with the local people and make a team-effort to ease their difficulties. Therefore, we have a strong team who have maxed their skills and work dedicatedly to meet the needs of our client.